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    How can I treat errors with Publisher?

    Robson Candeo

      Someone has an idea for me please?




      Hi, I user QV 10 with SAP Connector and I´ve just bought and installed Publisher.


      This night during my automatic reload tasks, I had an connection error, and so one of my reload task entered in a continuous loop and the others that came in the sequence did not reload.


      Is there a way that I can treat this in Publisher, so if an error like this occurs, the task could restart and goes on?


      Above is the error in my log file:


      21/03/2012 00:13:34.1620639          Information          The task "QVD_QVBRK_1_Faturas.qvw" finished successfully

      21/03/2012 00:13:34.2880399          Information          Trigger detected. Type=Start, Trigger=TaskCompletedTrigger, State=1;21/03/2012 00:13:34;Triggered;Unhandled, Task=QVBRP_1_Detalhes_Faturas.qvw

      21/03/2012 00:13:34.2880399          Information          Starting task "QVBRP_1_Detalhes_Faturas.qvw" (Attempt 1 of 1)

      21/03/2012 03:46:21.2511558          Error          Exception=System.Net.HttpListenerException: An operation was attempted on a nonexistent network connection

         at System.Net.HttpResponseStream.Dispose(Boolean disposing)

         at System.IO.Stream.Close()

         at System.IO.Compression.DeflateStream.Dispose(Boolean disposing)

         at System.IO.Stream.Close()

         at System.IO.Compression.GZipStream.Dispose(Boolean disposing)

         at System.IO.Stream.Close()

         at SolutionGlobal.WebService.WebServiceWrapper.ExecuteCommand(WebService i_WebService, HttpListenerContext context, String i_Request, String i_Body)

         at SolutionGlobal.WebService.WebServiceWrapper.ProcessListenerContext(ILogBucket i_LogBucket, HttpListenerContext i_Context)