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    AJAX issues caused by different Service Releases?

      Hi together !
      I've experienced the following issue:
      When opening a special qvw (let's call it here report.qvw) on AccessPoint with AJAX, some Objects (Listboxes, Charts .....) are shown like that:
      [http://i39.tinypic.com/4gj5s1.png | http://i39.tinypic.com/4gj5s1.png]  (sorry upload function for pictures didnt work :/ )
      Additionally the whole report is not open for work, it's stucked in loading.
      For "debugging" i tried to use Webmode in QlikView Desktop SR3 and got following issue:
      report.qvw was developed by a colleague in QlikView Desktop 10 SR4.
      As i checked settings of the objects (in SR3) I didnt find any dfferences..so I think its about that SR-difference...
      Are there any known issues with developing/displaying in different Service Releases on AJAX? (IEPlugin runs fine)
      Are there any known possibilities to solve this? (beside reengineering the report completely in SR3 or forbid AJAX usage )
      Hope anyone can help out