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    Disconnecting two listboxes made from the same field.

      Hi there,


      I have a question that I've been trying to figure out and search for an answer on, and I haven't been able to nail it down yet - so I would love your help.


      I have a field called SpotlightName. Now this field is used in certain calculations in a pivot table that I have. See below.


      CreativeTypeImpressionsClicksConv.Landing Page
      Flash In-Page1,446,566,6831,258,40499,1081,051,803


      However, a selection in SpotlightName listbox should ONLY affect Conv. and Landing Page calculations (last two columns). I've figured that part out using Set Analysis. Here's the catch: Certain selections in Spotlight Name listbox apply to Conv. column, and other selections in SpotlightName listbox apply to LandingPage column. So in my script, I renamed SpotlightName into two additional fields, "Conv." and "LandingPage" so that I would have TWO list boxes now, with the same values. This is great. Except for when I select anything in the Conv. listbox, it limits everything in my LandingPage list box, which doesn't help me at all.


      Bottom line: I need my Conv. listbox only to apply to my Conv. column, and my Landing Page listbox only to apply to my Landing Page column. Remember: Conv. listbox and LandingPage listbox come from the same field - SpotlightName.