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    QMS EDX task in QV 11

      I have created a C# solution and build a exe file in the server.


      In my qvw, I have created a marco to run the exe file.

      It is succeed when I run in the qlikview client.


      However, the macro doesn't work when I click it through the access point.


      Would anyone have idea on it?


      In QV 10, I use EDX trigger event with HTTP Post. But it is removed from QV 11 as it is no longer allow HTTP POST directly to QDS.



      The following are the macro script I used.



      Sub RunEDX

                Dim sh

                Dim cmd

                Set sh = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

                cmd = "QMSEDX.exe -task=<taskname> -password=<password>"


      end sub



      For remarks:

      The server has already been set to allow running unsafe macro and "system access" in the marco scripting engine.