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    Expression in row and column in a straight table

      Hi all,


      I have to do a table like this one :


      Current QuarterLast Quarter

      Revenue stores

      Revenue Internet





      Revenue is the sum of field REVENUE, Revenue stores is the sum of Revenue where SOURCE='STORE', the variation is the difference between Quarter and Quarter-1, Indicator is an arrow (using qmem pictures).


      The problem, is that I should have an expression in row and column.

      My idea was to use Valuelist as dimension like this :




      Dim : Valuelist('Revenue','Revenue stores','Revenue Internet') <- set in the variable vList


      And then to test the valuelist for the expression in each row like this :




      if($(vList)='Revenue stores',




      For the moment, this solution is working. But it is very complicated and I think hard to maintain.


      So, I am there to ask for your expertise and experience, is it a good solution ?

      Would you have used another method ?

      Should I do something in the script ?