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    Export data from AccessPoint to use it offline?

      Hi there,


      we are currently thinking about purchasing a BI-software and I think QlikView has a great usability. Our idea is to provide acces to dashboards via Server / Acces Point. Can someone tell me if there is a chance to export the data viewed on e.g. iPad/iPhone or an internet browser to make them available offline?

      All I found were information about older version but nothing about version 11. I'm afraid it is impossible to export dashboards as interactive data (means that you are able to change values within the dashboard or to change charts and so on)?

      It would be great to export data from the Access Point and use it in e.g. PowerPoint as an interactive chart. But I guess that will only work if the user has installed QlikView on his computer and the .qvw-file? So the only way to use a dashboard in a ppt-presentation would be to export each tab as an jpg?



      Thanks a lot for your help and best regards,