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    Find customers with duplicate invoice ID

    Robert Svebeck

      I previously posted a question about this, but the example data in my previous quiestion was not complex enough. So I do new post with a better example.

      I need to make a list of all customers who have duplicate invoice ID's with other customers.

      InvoiceID CustomerID
      101 A
      102 A
      103 A
      104 A
      501 A
      201 B
      202 B
      203 B
      204 B
      101 C
      301 C
      302 C
      303 C
      304 C
      501 C
      101 E
      501 E
      101 F
      501 F
      900 G
      901 G
      301 K

      What I want : A list that contains customerID = A,C,E,F,K

      How do I do it - with a expression? I know how to do it in the load script.

      I attached an more "explenational example".

      brg Robert