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    QVX_EXECUTE problem

    Mike Rewnick

      Having trouble writing connector


      The docs are saying


      Select statement:

      1. QlikView sends an execute request (QVX_EXECUTE) and waits for the Connector reply.

      The request includes the SQL statement and the name of a data pipe, via which QVX

      formatted result should be returned.

      2. After executing SQL statement, the Connector sends the reply on the execute command

      execution status, e.g. QVX_OK or QVX_TABLE_NOT_FOUND.

      3. The Connector starts writing SQL statement result data to the data pipe.

      4. QlikView, after receiving QVX_OK reply to the execute request, starts reading data from

      the data pipe.


      My connector recives QVX_EXECUTE

      I send back QVX_OK via commad pipe and connector is immediately teminated before i try to open datapipe ans start writing the data


      Tryed this option as well


      My connector recives QVX_EXECUTE

      Open data pipe < Not able to open it

      Write data into data pipe

      Send QVX_OK


      Does not work either


      So what is the proper sequence of events?