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    Weighted average

      Hi all,


      I have build a report which works fine, except fot the total column.


      Report purpose: I have 2 trucks which bring goods to my customers. I need to know how well they are loaded, so that they are not driving around only half full.


      Here is the problem:


      Dimension: TruckID


      Expr1: sum(DeliveredWeight)

      Expr2: total count(DISTINCT VoyageNr)

      Expr3: MaxLoad                                                  --> this comes from a seperate table where I my TruckID is unique key

      Expr4: sum(DeliveredWeight) / total count(DISTINCT VoyageNr) / MaxLoad



      This all works fine, except for the totals colums. For Expr4 the result is wrong.


      This is the table:



      The total where it says 24,67% should be 46,83%

      (16 * 9 + 20 * 14) = 424

      198,558 / 424 = 46,83


      I've been trying different things with aggregation, but i can't get this result.


      any help will greatly appreciated.


      Kind regards,