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    Problem set analysis



      I have a problem with a set analysis expression, I want to have the date of order but with a data equals to data in a field!

      I have a order like that:

      num_order  Code    Type               Date

      121               10      FOD         10-10-2006

      121               10      FOD         15-10-2006

      121               15      TAC          20-11-2006

      121               20      TTH          01-12-2006

      121               21      EXP          22-12-2006

      122               5        FOD         01-05-2011

      122               10      TTH          01-06-2011    

      122               30      TAC          02-06-2011

      122               50      EXP          10-10-2011

      I want to have the min and the max of date for the first and the penultimate CODE.

      In script i have exporte num_order and the first and the penultimate CODE like that:

      num_order  first_Code     penultimate_Code

      121               10                         20

      122               5                           30


      Now i want for each order calculate the min and the max of date by first_Code and penultimate_Code

      I try with set analysis : Min({$ <Code=first_Code>}Date) but it doesn't work because first_Code it's a field!!! And if i use a variable there is non result when i don't select order!!!


      Thanks a lot for your help and sorry for my bad english!!!!!!!