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    Click a bar chart to 'drill down' and display actual data

      We have been working with QlikView 11 and are looking for a particular feature within a document.


      Once the user has selected their dimensions and are displaying a filtered bar chart ( or some other chart ) we wonder if it is possible to "drill down" further and actually display the data which comprises that bar on the chart.


      So the filtering would take two or three steps:

      (1) Select all available dimensions to display one ( or more ) bars showing exactly the summarized COUNT (or SUM) of the data rows

      (2) Now perform some sort of CLICK or maybe a DOUBLE-CLICK to move to a Table object showing ALL OF THE DATA which was previously summarized in the bar

      (3) The user could then export to Excel, print, or something like that to 'capture' those particular rows which they previously filtered out


      Any ideas or samples on how this might be accomplished in QlikView 11 ?  We call it a 'drill down'.


      One thought was to use a click event handler, and a macro to display some other sheet in the document, but I can't help thinking there is an easier way.

        • Click a bar chart to 'drill down' and display actual data
          Jason Michaelides



          So just to make sure I've understood! You want to switch from a bar chart to a table that shows the data BEFORE the user clicked on a dimension (bar) to filter the bar graph?


          If so, maybe use a straight table that uses set analysis in the expression to show the previous selection state. I can't remember the syntax off hand but look in the F1 help under Set Analysis - it's something-1 I think...


          You could set an action in a button to conditionally show the chart and even to export to Excel if required.


          Hope this helps,