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    Show in last week YTD sales

      Hi All!

      I have a chart  with year_week as dimension (2012-1, 2012-2.... 2012,52).

      I also have a variable that gives me the max week vMaxSemana.

      I need to show in the graph the YTD (top is vMaxSemana) sales for each year.

      I achieved this int two ways so far, but when I select a Year only shows the bar for the year selected no matter what I do.


      My expressions are:

      =IF(week= vMaxSemana ,

      RangeSum(Above(Sum({<Year = , Semana_GL = >}SoutMontoDespTotal),0,vMaxSemana))






      =Aggr(Sum({<Year= , Week = {'<= $(vMaxSemana)'} >}SoutMontoDespTotal),Year)


      Both work fine without year selection.