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    Can't see dashboards

      Hi all


      Environment :
      QlikView 10.4 using NTFS not DMS




      I'm trying to distribute some dashboards to allow a  developer to test.
      I've copied them into the 'user documents' folder  where they have inherited the correct permissions from the root. I can see  them. The user can't. I copied the users AD account from mine so he's in all the  groups I am in.
      I gave him explicit NTFS permissions on the  dashboard - full control. Still can't see it.
      I then tried distributing it with publisher. Task  ran fine. Checked the permissions on the dashboard, it is as expected - read  permissions to the user and the other group I published it to. He still can't  see it.
      I've tried distributing it to different mounts - no joy.
      Can't see it through the AccessPoint or from the desktop edition when  logged on as the user.
      Thanks in advance