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    Objects in containers

      I have a chart and I have placed a small straight table over the top using the layers option in the object layout tab.  However when I try to place the table over the chart in a container the table can bee seen with every object in the container.  How can I associate the table with one chart?

      Is there any way of grouping or linking the Table and Chart together?



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          Sebastian Pereira

          Hi Maria (hablás español?)


          If I understand, you nedd to view the table only when one chart of the container is active, not for all. Is that correct?


          If yes, please see attached. You could use macros for do it with a container, but i recommend use of "Auto Minimize" option in charts.


          - Put your charts in the same place

          - Enable "Auto Minimize"

          - Create two sheet actions:

               1- When CH3 opens (the chart you want to associate with the table), vShow=1 (variable)

               2- When CH3 close, vShow=0

          - Set the possition of the table, because after the next step you will can't see it until CH3 is active.

          - In the table, Properties / Design / Show Conditional: vShow=1


          Please, tell me if it was useful for you.