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    Reference Lines in Guage Chart in Trellis

    Joe Kirwan



      I have a Guage Chart with single dimension (3 values) and single expression.


      I select Trellis option, and I get 3 Guage Charts showing calculation for each dimension value.


      Now I want to introduce a Reference Line, based on a new expression.


      The problem is that the expression calculates for the TOTAL dimension. I wanted it to calculate for each of the 3 dimensions.


      Attached image show how Reference Line is same for each chart.


      I want Reference Line to reflect values as shown in table.




      JoeRefLine Qry.png

        • Re: Reference Lines in Guage Chart in Trellis
          John Witherspoon

          It's "impossible" so far as I know.  I believe that reference lines in a trellis chart are always calculated for the whole thing, not each sub chart.  But see the first attached file for a workaround using expressions in a bar chart.  Unfortunately, I can't see how this would work for a linear gauge.  So I'm not thinking of any solution for your specific problem.


          Well, unless you want to make a fake trellis chart out of multiple charts, in which case you can use regular old reference lines, but that's a lot of trouble, and I don't guarantee how robust it would be.  See second attached file for that.