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    Variable for current year?

      Hi All,



      can anyone help me in variable,i am having ycode=2012 in my applications now i want to create a variable and i want to call that variable in instead of 2012.

      where i want to create that variable and how to wright that variable for current year.example ycode displays the current year records from the adatabase.

        • Variable for current year?
          Sunil Chauhan

          ctrl +alt+v



          add -> variable name





          take a text box and wrte


          =$(var1)  it will show you 2012


          hope this helps

            • Variable for current year?

              Heelo sunil,


              thanks for reply,..


              i forgot to post for current month variable which they wrote in applications.i.e.,



              and also tell me it would be work in 2013 and soon..




                • Variable for current year?
                  Sunil Chauhan

                  it will work


                  it is created for financial month.

                    • Variable for current year?

                      Hello Sunil,


                      happy to your reply,


                      but still some confussion, actually what happen is i am having 20 company codes like 'Y'.they wrote year=2012 in every company in script level.now the current month is 12,after this month, mar-2012 is 13 like this wrote some sql quary.


                      now i want to write some variable in script insted of 2012(year=2012).i am writing some variables but it is not showing correctly.this will work after financial year end also.




                        • Variable for current year?

                          Hello All,


                          Can anyone helpme in this issue.i created variable current_year=max(field name_year),but i used this variable in edit script level that is in Raw application.it displaying table not found.some sql error.

                          anyone know how to create variable for current year insted of 2012 or any other ways todo.