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    client ajax doesn't refresh data

      Hi all,


      I am using Publisher to reload and distribute my documents and it works very well untill I open documents via client desktop: data are updated corretly.

      When I open these documents from client AJAX, data are not updated as I expected. I use IE and mozilla from different computer, clicked F5 and ctrl+F5 but nothing happen: it shows the same old data.


      How can I fix this issue? Does Client AJAX have to update its data asynchronous without user action?

      Help me, thank you.

        • client ajax doesn't refresh data
          Gary Strader

          AJAX normally refreshes the data automatically.  Are you sure that they're pointing at the same application?


          In Document Properties, Server tab, there is a "Refresh Mode when Document is Updated on Server".  I'm not sure what settings you need for your environment, but you could play around with that.


          Also check "Allow Only One Copy of Document in Memory" in the QlikView Server settings.