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    Section access not prompting for password

    Richard Norris

      I have the following section access set up:


      Section Access;

      LOAD * INLINE [


          ADMIN, ADMIN, ADMIN123, *

          ADMIN, *, *, HBEU\HBEU-SERVER

          USER, Akb, Research, *

          USER, Nnr, Research, *

          USER, Mrl, Research, *

          USER, Sri, Research, *

          USER, Hdg, Research, *

          USER, Ptl, Research, *


      Section Application;


      Where HBEU\HBEU-SERVER is the name of the qlikview server account for doing scheduled reloads.


      The idea is that everyone but admin can log in with the password Research, and Admin would log in with ADMIN123, and that the server can use its NT login. However in practice what happens is no one gets prompted for a password and logs in with whatever their NTLogin is.


      I thought this was a pretty standard approach to section access, is there something obvious I'm doing wrong?


      Thanks in advance!