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    Want to count based on a sum expression field?


      I have a bit of an issue that I'm sure someone can help with!  I have a pivot table that looks something like this


      User         Clients          This month Target

      User A      50                 10

      User B      0                   5

      User C      120               12

      User D      75                 0


      I want to show in a separate place a count of all users who have clients that have no target set for this month.  So in the example above, the total would be 2 (User A and C).The "this month Target" field is a sum against a set of all targets that looks at the targets set for users just for this current month.  So effectively I want to do a count where this sum is 0 that also has some clients set as well.


      I can't find a way of doing this as the count and sum won't work together.  Sure it's an aggregation I need, just can't seem to get it to work.


      Any ideas very much welcome!


      Many Thanks