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    Exporting null-values to Excel are not really empty



      I got a problem when exporting Data from QV to MS-Excel:

      My UI contains a table-chart with 3 columns: contract-number, account-number (may be null) and a sum (see attached qvw-file).


      When I export the chart to Excel the null-values in the account-number column seem to be empty but (as I think) are not!


      On creating a Pivot-chart in excel (see sheet "Pivot" in the attachment's Excel-file) the number of of accountnumbers says 24 (instead of 16 not empty fields).


      In order to get the correct result, i have to manually delete the empty cells again (del-button) and refresh the pivot chart.


      My questions:

      * Which value is exported (technically) to Excel when the cell is null in QV?

      * What will I have to change in QV in order to be able to create pivot-charts without any manual steps?



      thank you for your help,