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    Running complex ETL transformations while loading data into QlikView

    Mike Rewnick

      QlikView can pull the data from almost anything but what if your data looks like this?


      Complex Data.png


      Or you main data source is Oracle table but you need to validate it against Excel file


      Very soon you will be able to perform powerful data transformation while loading the data into QlikView using Advanced ETL Processor QlikView connector.


      Advanced ETL Processor QlikView connector .png

      Advanced ETL Processor has more than 300 data validation and transformation functions such as sorting grouping deduplications regular expressions and much more.


      Process as follows:


      Design data transformation using Advanced ETL Processor

      Make sure that you have only one data writer and the connection type is QVX file


      Than within QlikView write a script:


      CUSTOM CONNECT TO "Provider=AETLP_QlikView_Connector.exe;XUserId=FXPZaHB;XPassword=POLVJLA;";



      LOAD *;

      SQL SELECT *

      FROM C:\1_presentation\templates\customers.ats;



      LOAD *;

      SQL SELECT *

      FROM C:\1_presentation\templates\film.ats;



      LOAD *;

      SQL SELECT *

      FROM C:\1_presentation\templates\inventory.ats;



      LOAD *;

      SQL SELECT *

      FROM C:\1_presentation\templates\rental.ats;




      Advanced ETL Processor QlikView connector is currently going through internal testing process and will be available in the next week. Please contract us if you wish to help us with testing.