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    Text colour first character

      Hi Guys,


      I have a straight table that has a field called [Rejection Reasons], in some instances the results in this field are only ',' or a correct reason , but preceeded by a comma.


      I dont want to see the first comma in the chart,


      In the demension I have gone into [Text colour] and put in the following :


      if([Rejection Reasons]=',',RGB(255,255,255))


      That works for the ones that are only a comma, I then tried variations of to look for the ones that start with the comma , but they were changing all the text white ,


      if ( left ([Rejection Reasons],1)=',',RGB(255,255,255)))


      Can anyone help, I am looking to change comma text white when there in ONLY a comma OR when the statemnt starts with a comma


      Thanks a mill