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    code in a PivotTable

      Hello All,


      I am creating a PivotTable. This table shows unique numbers where test numbers included. As an example:



      (unique numbers)      Column2 (testnumbers)       

      11254                      38546

      11254                      58745

      11254                      98562

      11589                      38596

      11589                      65845

      11589                      25698

      11589                      25845

      11589                      54856


      When I make a PivotTable from here (see annex) do I should actually have a formula that represents whether there is a testnumber (38546 of 38596) in it. If attachment is an example of what I mean. So if there is a testnumber (38546 of 38596) in the unique numbers that must give Yes or No.


      thank you very much for the reply.


      with kind regards,