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    A question obout google map

    Khabat Stravan



      I have tried to keep the google map to my data in QlikView, but not successful.

      Can anyone see what's wrong?


      - The map in the sheet "Map" does not work well. I want to show the count of each value in the "InjuryExtent" in different colors per Municipality. What's wrong?


      - How can I add "Latitude" and "Longitude" (using the "Report Number") in the table dbo_Report instead of its own table?


      Info: The size of the entire project is 158 MB and over 1 million rows (attached example is apart), Run QlikView V.9

      Win XP, 32 bit, 4 GB frame


      Tanks in advance for any help!!!

        • Re: A question obout google map
          Dennis Hoogenboom

          It looks like something is wrong with the data in the QV you posted.

          You are trying to count the InjuryExtent_kod but there are no coördinates connected to rapportnummers where InjuryExtent_kod


          See table below:





          Besides that there is an error in the background colour of your expression (looks like it's copied from an other QV file).

          Try to adjust this to your own data.


          Hopes this gives you a push in the right direction.

          Let me know if you get to get it to work ok?



          Good luck.