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    Create Waterfall dynamically, depending on field selections



      Can anyone please give an advice on how to do the following...


      I have loaded a database table like follows:



      FactoryPartCostSelected in fieldlist
      AX10Yes (Part fieldlist)
      BX11Yes (Part fieldlist)
      AY9Yes (Part fieldlist)
      BY13Yes (Part fieldlist)
      AZ7Yes (Part fieldlist)
      BZ6Yes (Part fieldlist)


      How can I make a waterfall out of this table? I want to show the total costs for each Factory at the left and right, and the differences in the middle?


      Dimension values needed: 'Factory A','Part X','Part Y','Part Z','Factory B'

      Values for the dimension: Sum(<$Factory={'a'}> Cost), 1 (green),4 (green),-1 (red), Total cost factory B.


      If I choose to select part U as well, I would need the waterfall to include this value as well... Is this possible?


      The dimension part is the most challenging, as I am aware that I can use set analysis to get the correct dimensions. Also I am aware of the offset-technique for creating the waterfall.