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    union different dimension with same names

      Hello everyone,


      I have the following problem:


      I have 2 straight table charts:

      1) Dimension: moth name of "claim_started" from a table

          Expression: sum(amount_eur)

      2) Dimension: month name of "reserve_date" from another table

          Expression: sum(reserve_eur)


      What I would like to do is to union somehow this 2 tables, because the dimension names are the same (Jan,Feb,Mar...) even if they refer to different date fields and to keep the Expressions values identically...




      month(claim_started)   Value1


      Jan                             134

      Feb                             12

      Mar                             23

      ...                               ...  



      month(reserve_date)   Value2


      Jan                         33

      Feb                         544

      Mar                         44



      And the result table must look like:


      month     Value1     Value2


      Jan          132          33

      Feb          12            544

      Mar          23            44



      Thank you very much,