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    SAP Extractor Connector vs. XtractQV DeltaQ - very strange behaviour

    Edgar Kech

      I'm currently testing the QV-SAP-Extractor Connector against the XtractQV DeltaQ from Theobald Software and especially XtractQV behaves in a very strange way

      To my problem:

      I'm accessing the standard-extractor 0FI_GL_20. Looking at the extractor in SAP transaction RSA6 I get some fields marked as "hide" (for example BALANCE), so I do not wonder that Qlikview doesn't show this fields in the Extractor-Dialog.

      But if I am accessing exactly the same extractor through XTractQV with the DeltaQ feature I'm getting some more fields - some which are marked as hidden in SAP and some which aren't in the extractor! Also I get about twice as much records in XtractQV than with the QV-SAP-Connector when pulling "FULL".

      Really strange, isn't it?

      Can someone explain this behaviour? Where does XtractQV pull the additional fields? Where does XtractQV take the additional records? What is the correct behaviour?