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    x2 % values on data points in pie chart

      I've asked this before and didn't manage to get any correct answers, so thought i'd give it a second attempt.


      My pie charts in a particular sheet are showing double values for each data point. So a segment comprising 33.33% will have that % figures showing twice. It is happening in all of my pie charts on that sheet and I can't figure out why. The confusing thing about this is that when I access the application as a developer (on our Qlikview server) the problem dissapears and only one % figure is shown per data point. When accessing as a user through our citrix application, the problem is still there.


      In chart properties I have 'values on data points' selected. I also have pop-up labels selected in presentatin as I am not showing a legend.


      It is happening in all the pie charts on that particular sheet.


      Anyone have any ideas what may be causing this problem?