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    Creating Dual Indicator Gauge

      I want to display a gauge with 2 indicators, 1 that is doing current year vs total last year, and one that is doing current year vs last year to date. I do not see any option for doing this, so to get it to work I created 2 gauges, 1 that has everything transparent except for the indicator, and the major tick marks (Have not found a way to make these transparent as well.)


      This works well where I have the bottom gauge showing the CY vs LYTD scales and colors of the gauge and the CY vs LY total on top with the scale lined up.


      My biggest issue besides these being different charts is that when last year to date is 0 then the bottom gauge displays No data to display and I lose all the color formatting and scale numbers. Another issue that I have seen is the bottom chart tends to lock at a certain value no matter what I select and I can only refresh it by copying it or closing the dashboard and re opening it.Also this makes it so that the user can not simply print the gauge as they will only print the top chart.


      Does anyone know of a better way to display this? I know I can fix the last year to date by flipping the charts so Last year total is on the bottom, but I like how the formatting is for the current display.


      Bottom Chart Null:

      bottom chart null.png

      Both Charts Fine:

      charts fine.png