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    integrating QlikView with SharePoint



      I want to integrate SharePoint 2007 with my QlikView server 10 (licensed)


      From the qlikView documentation, i got that -


      The QlikView Server must be licensed to allow QlikView Web Parts for SharePoint. To verify if

      a given QlikView server is licensed for QlikView Web Parts for SharePoint usage, verify that

      the License Enabler File for the QlikView Server has a line that states Web Parts;YES;; - for

      more information, contact you QlikView Account Executive.


      I opened QlikView-->help-->License update. Here i found this License Enabler File and is having 3 lines only ( i.e license key, Product level etc., ) but it doesn't have any other info.


      Please let me know, whether i am checking the right files or not. If i am right do i need to take a separate license???


      Thanks & Regards,