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    Background color in a pivot table expression label problem

      Has anyone been able to solve the issue of the background colour that shows up in the expression label.

      This colour is the same as the column on the left of the pivot table.


      my code as follows:


      if(((column(3)- column(4))<= -0.10),rgb(199,255,193),

      if(((column(3)- column(4))> -0.10 and (column(3)- column(4))<=0),rgb(0,127,0),

         if(((column(3)- column(4))>0 and (column(3)- column(4))<=0.049),rgb(215,180,40),

          if((column(3)- column(4))>=0.05,rgb(255,0,0)




      I have 7 columns as expressions which are shown on the left of the pivot table

      and one dimension showing on the top.


      the very last expression is highlighted as per the color expression above but this also highlights the

      expression label column which is labeled 'RAG % Diff'


      Ive also tried to used Dimensionality() =0 and rownno() = 0 and changing the to 1 to see what the results are but

      still no joy.


      I could use visual cues, but i need to have 4 colours.


      Kind regards