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    Looping through records in Qlikview? (As in Oracle / SAP ABAP)

    Yaseen Pullissery

      Hi All

      I am working on a report that takes long time to processes, so thought of doing it in QlikView. How could I simulate the below logic (script) assuming I have both tables in DBMS:



      //Creating a cursor to loop through the sales lines

      cursor mytable as select * from customer_order where year = 2012;

      string DocType := '';


      //For each record check


      foreach myrec in mytable


      if myrec.document_type = '02' then

      DocType := 'Sales';

      else if myrec.document_type = '03' then

      DocType := 'Return';


      DocType := 'Sales';

      end if

      insert into mytable 2 values (myrec.document_no, DocType, ....)

      end foreach

      Thank you in Advance!



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