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      I am concatenating the 2 tables into 1 table , now i want to identify the records from each tables respectively ??? how can i do that plz help ??? may be i can use flag ....... not sure ......

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          Juan Vitantonio

          Yes, you can use a flag. Like this:


          load fieldA, fieldB, 'table1' as flag FROM yourtable;


          LOAD fieldC, fieldY, 'table2' as flag FROM yourOtherTable;

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            hi manish,


            ok you are concatinating two tables since most of the fields are

            simillar right , yes go on know the problem is you need to identify the records of

            two tables for this use flag yes u are right just see how to do this


            Sales_ Header:




            Quantity as SalesHeader_Qty,

            'Header' as Flag







            Quantity as SalesLine_Qty,

            'Line' as Flag


            Warm Regards,

            Anant Dubey

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              I have a field as Employee No it contain data from both the tables , now i want to count the employee no depending upon the flag value ???????