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    set analysis based on different values of the same field.



      I have a sales plan figure for each month of 2012.


      First I want to see the planned sales for the next coming months, as in a total.


      First, I wrote a variable which takes the current month : vCurrMonth = Num(Month( Today() ))


      Then I wrote a listbox to test whether it works to have the months I want

      =if(Month>=vCurrMonth and Month<vCurrMonth+3,sum(planned))


      So this works.


      Now I need a more complex situation, I want to see whether we will be able to reach that value, into one figure :


      total (sum next 3 planned months) - sum(contracts) - sum(orders) - sum(this months issued so far).


      Building this formula is not an issue, but I need something that does the same as the listbox expression,

      Month>=vCurrMonth and Month<vCurrMonth+3, but as in a set analysis expression.

      I dont know how to make a set analysis based on multiple values from the same field


      As output, I just want to have one figure, the total, for example -56.000.


      I made it work for the current month :


      =sum({$< Month = {$(vCurrMonth)} >} vOutput)


      How can I add the othe months vCurrMonth + 1 and vCurrMonth + 2 into this set analysis?


      I think this is a newbie question, sorry for this.