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    Problem with header authentication, AD groups and section access

    Damien Coueron

      Hello everyone,


      I am trying to setup a Qlikview 10 server with:

      • HTTP header authentication (in conjunction with a SSO system)
      • Active Directory integration for group resolution (with Directory Service Connector)
      • Section Access to restrict application usage to specific groups


      My problem is that it does not work. As a user U, member of group G, I can open a Qlikview application if user U is listed in Section Access but i cannot open the same Qlikview application if the group G is listed in Section Access instead.


      As the SSO system returns user names with no domain, we have configured the Qlikview Web Server to use header authentication with the AD domain as a prefix : "DOMAIN\". With this configuration, on the top right corner of the Accesspoint I can see a fully qualified user name : DOMAIN\USER instead of only USER.


      In the Directory Service Connector logs we can also see that group resolution is working for the user DOMAIN\USER. And as a result, the list of applications shown in the Accesspoint is correct.


      But when I try to open my application, Qlikview asks me for a USERID and PASSWORD...


      Do you see an explanation for this to happen?


      Best regards,