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    Selection on Pivot Table

      Hi - Is there any better way of making selection one after another in pivot table cells? For ex, if you have a pivot table with 10 rows and 10 columns with one expression.

      If you make a selection let us say Row 2 and Col 3 cell then it filter for the first time correctly, subsequenly if you make a selection on Row 4 and Col 3 (basically any cells on the same Col 3) then it removes the col selection and kept only the Row 4 selection, which is not what I selected.


      So any ideas as how to implement without makig it complicate with macro/vbscript.

        • Selection on Pivot Table

          I cant follow your procedure...

          If you select Row 2 Col 3 in a pivor table, only 1 value will appear. How can you subsecuently select Row 4 Col 3 if only Row 2 Col 3 is shown?

            • Selection on Pivot Table

              That's correct, but in my pivot table I am using the row and col fields in set analysis so that it won't collapse when you make a selection on one cell. So the pivot table is always expanded for user to make the selection easily on multiple cells.


              Alternatively, you can use {1} to keep it expanded as well.


              Assuming this is always showing all rows and col cells, how to make selection one after another?