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    Getting the name of the competitor who has the lowest price

      Hi everyone


      I'm new to QlikView and I have run into what I think should be a simple problem for you more experienced users.


      I have a table which consists of the fields: Model, Competitor, Price


      Now I want a table to tell me what the lowest price pr. model number is, and what competitor delivers the model at that price.


      No problem getting the lowest price pr. model, that was just expression min(Price), but how do I get the name of the customer who supplies the product at that price?


      I tried with a second expression: only({<Price={'$(=Money(min(Price)))'}>} Competitor)


      This doesn't work, but if I replace $(=Money(min(Price))) with one of the minimum values, the name of the competitor for that specific model will appear.


      What am I doing wrong?