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    Menu bars in IE

    Gopinathan L



      unfortunately, I have removed the menu bar in QV Accesspoint in IE  Plugin.

      Currently I am not able to see any QV related objects in the menu bar.

      Bcoz of that, i cant do clear, back, Forward selection......


      Could any one help me to bring the QV menu bar in the accesspoint.



      thanks in advance.

        • Re: Menu bars in IE

          Hello gopinathanl


          i was searching for "how to disble the menu bar" and found the quick solution to right click on the bar and uncheck the "Navigation" to hide the menu bar.


          once hidden i couldnt find a way to unhide it.

          thats when i found your question.


          after a few clicks here and there, i found this solution

          which works on my application


          Right click on any sheet (not on any object, some plae where there are no objects) --> Customize toolbar --> Toolbar --> check the Navigation,  to get back the Menu Bar,


          hope this works for you as well,,,



          Leo V.