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    Help needed: a bar in my chart is unexpectedly not showing up

    Roberto Postma

      Hi there,


      Can someone have a look at the attached testproject?

      • I have a pivot table with 4 expressions, and in the pivot table it is showing me the values that I expect. So far so good!
      • when I do a "Fast type change" to a bar or linechart... one of the expressions (named Loan - (remainder) ) is not showing up (it is only showing up for 1 year and not for the 15 others)
      • Attached I have the sample project. I made a clone of my pivot table so my problem is visible in 1 eye-catch... but also you  could do the fast type change inthe privot table to see the behavior


      Can anybody explain why this field is not showing up in the bar/line chart while it DOES have values in the pivot table?


      Any help is highly appreciated! (and of course some solution or workaround to get it working in my chart as well)