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    Variable For Dummies

      Hi guys,


      I would like to seek help if there is a specific documentation on how to use variables and when to use it? I'm kinda new in QlikView and i'm having challenges understanding variables. I know how to create a variable but I can't get the idea on how and when to use it.

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          there are thousands of ways to use a variable. I'll give two examples to get you started.

          Theme: when using, custom, colors it's quite a job to manually change all objects. Instead - define a variable to hold your color definition and you only need to change that to affect all objects:


          SET vColor9                    = 'RGB(221,238,252)';          //Light blue
          Then use with $ expansion in calculated color $(vColor9)



          Lets asume you have a chart that should only show if certain conditions are met. A home made tab perhaps. Then you assign a varable the tab value and set a show condition for the chart.

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            jagan mohan rao appala



            Check the Set Analysis section, it has examples of using variables in Set Analysis expressions.


            Hope the below URL also helps you.