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    Best practice to run batch program before and after QlikView reload ?

    Denis Tronel



      Current solution is unique V10 Server


      My main problems are :

      1 - How to run a batch to get files from various local or remote locations (copying using network drives or using ftp commands) to get the source file on the server BEFORE starting the loading ?

      => When trying to do an OnOpen trigger using action External/Run and then "CMD.EXE /C myprebatch.bat" : it does not work

      2 - How to run a batch to execute some actions AFTER finishing the loading ?

      2a - one desired action is to store document on a network drive => Direct store does not work as a server local store is OK, so i just want to add a copy.

      2b - another action is running an .XLSM excel macro file to change the result display generated by QV.

      3- Is it possible to trigger a reload based on effective presence of a file (To be deleted immediately once the load is complete) ?


      Is there somewhere a document complenetay to the user manual to explain with some real examples (and also prerequisites or points to take care of) ?

      Thanks in advance for your help