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    Problems with container - qlikview 10 sr4

      Hi all,

      I need help, I'm developing an application using the container object with 3 tabs; inside of each I put a google map image, setting width = 596 and height = 472 in Caption tab. I save the application then close and open it, i see that only one tab still has the values of width and height setted for Caption tab, the remaining are setted to default value (5,5)

      Does anyone know a way to avoid this behaviour?


      Thanks a lot for all the help you coud give me



        • Problems with container - qlikview 10 sr4
          Clever Anjos

          Containers usually redimentionate the elements to same size of the container.


          Maybe you should use buttons to hide/show your charts.

            • Problems with container - qlikview 10 sr4

              Thank you for the answer, the size of the container is width = 600, height = 504. I used the container to prevent the management with buttons; it seemed to me a cleaner solution


              In the main discussion I attached an example file, could you give a look, please?

              As you will notice, only one of the tabs is correctly visualized, for the others you will have to change the values for height and width in the Caption tab


              Thank you


            • Problems with container - qlikview 10 sr4
              Clever Anjos

              I opened your app here. It doesn´t work in QV10SR4 ideed, I´ve tried also in QV11 and works!


              Maybe it´s another bug in container object (too buggy in my opinion)

              • Problems with container - qlikview 10 sr4
                Ellen Blackwell

                I have been able to publish containers successfully by doing the following:


                • Once my container is configured, right-click and Unlink objects.
                • After unlinking the underlying objects, you can move or delete them from your QVW.
                • Thereafter, I published my updated QVW to AccessPoint with no impact.


                I am also using QV10 SR4.




                  • Problems with container - qlikview 10 sr4

                    Hi Ellen,

                    the objects inside my container are not linked objects, so I tried following your suggestion creating a new container object and 3 linked objects, but the result is the same; I think the problem depends on the dynamic images that are scaled to the default size. However after inserting the linked objects into the container I'm not able to unlink these, perhaps it could be a bug of qlikview desktop 10 SR4 x64?




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                    I realize this question is a bit old, but thought I'd offer a response in case it may help others running into this.  I observed this problem when trying to insert a Google Map chart into a container using QV 10 SR2.  I was using a linked chart object.  I also noted that The Width and Height properties (Caption tab) of the chart were being reset to very small values (5) for the chart object in the container.  When I manually reset them to the proper values, the chart would appear.  But when saving and re-opening the QV file, the chart dimensions would again be reset and the map image would not be visible.  It would either be blank, or sometimes have a blur with faint hues, but certainly not a visible map background.


                    I considered just dropping the container, then using buttons to offer the UI of the container, but instead decided to setup a script that executes a module Sub() to reset the dimensions when the Chart object is activated.


                    The module that does the work is here:


                    Sub SetChartDimensions( strChartID, intWidth, intHeight )

                    Set obj = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject( strChartID )
                    Set objPropPos = obj.GetRect
                    objPropPos.Width = intWidth
                    objPropPos.Height = intHeight

                    obj.SetRect objPropPos

                    End Sub


                    The module I call on the Charts .Activate event is here.  CH61 is the ID of the chart object in my container.  The other arguments are for width and height that you want to set.


                    Sub FixGoogleMap

                    SetChartDimensions "CH61", 596, 472 

                    End Sub


                    To setup the trigger for the chart's activate event, open properties for the Sheet, then select the Triggers tab.  Scroll down to the document object for your Container (CT##), then add an action for "OnActivate".  The action is External | Run Macro, and the Macro Name is FixGoogleMap (the name of the sub above).

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                      Does anybody have any idea how to resize tab names in container object ?
                      I have 7 tabs ( charts ) in container and I would like to see all full names of each.


                      Kind regards for a help .