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    How to get value, depending on unique value of other fields

      Hello all!


      I have a problem which I have simplified below. I have the following fields in a data table:




      Due to the necesity to built a star sheme as data model, I needed to join this table with some others resulting to a final table which looks like this:




      I need to sum the SALES but only for thoose records where the entry_ID is distinct. In my first data model I would have done:




      Now I will do:






      (is that right?)


      Now the problem is, I need to use this function in a chart with as dimension KPI_ID (a fourth value, independent on the first three values). To avoid the problem stated here (http://community.qlik.com/message/166081#166081), I will need to add 'nodistinct' to my expression:


      sum(aggr(nodistinct only(SALES),ENTRY_ID))


      However, now the result gives me the same as if I would use sum(SALES), all the SALES are included, even thoose that have the same ENTRY_ID!! How can I solve this problem?


      Please also see the attached qvw.


      Thank you very much!