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    Import txt file - difficult format

      Hi folks!

      Maybe someone is able to help me.

      I have to import txt files to qv which are in a difficult format. Due to the reason that there are allready a lot of historical txt files in this format there is no way to change the format to an easier to handle format.

      I added dummy data to show the problem. Some explanations to the data:

      Withe the field "pos" a special teststation is named - the followoing fields include the definition regarding the teststation - the cnt fields show the sum of the cnt fields in the partnumber information. With every teststation are in a second level the partnumbers connected and also the amount of tests (cnt fields). The dummy data show two teststations and a few materials. My job is to import the fields into qv to show teststations and the sum of tests and in a second layer the parts per teststation. Has any one an idea how to import data in a format like shown in the included txt file? Thanks for any help in advance.