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    Logesh Jayaraman

      What is the difference between the Document Extension and Object Extension in Qlikview 11.

      Gone through the forums and got the understanding as

      1. The way of creating the extension is same .Both has teh QAR files.

      2. Object extensions are accessed through right click on the sheet in the web view and the document extension are accessed through the document properties.


      But would like to know what is the actual usage and where it is used in realtime.

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          Alexander Karlsson

          Object Extensions:

          These are custom built objects inside QlikView. Like the pre-shipped charts you have the possibility to create an object that can access the underlying data in your qlikview document.


          Typically an object extension are used when you need to accomplish something that QlikView does not handle out of the box. For example Stephen Fews bullet charts, Organizational Charts, Mapping Charts. There are several examples included with the QV11 installation.


          Either visualize data that is already in QV or act as a window to fetch information from other systems/sources based on QV context.


          You do customer segmentation in QV, click on a object extension in the shape of a button with code that integrates your customer ids back into your CRM-system and launches a new campaign for example.


          Document Extensions:

          These were made available in QlikView 11. Sometimes it made sense to embed custom code into your qlikview document but NOT have a gui for it. So we shipped that in QV11.


          It operates on the document level and are not tied to a specific object in your qlikview application.

          Typically this could be used to manipulate the toolbar - Want to disable certain buttons? Create a multi-tiered bookmark drop down?


          Rebuild the tabrow system, do you want to have floating navigation on the side of your app instead? Then document extensions are for you


          Apply your own css, make use of web fonts, track usage through google analytics, attach custom events and pipe information out of qlikview.


          Tired of searching? Integrate the voice-to-text feature to speak directly into a qlikview search box etc etc.



          We do use jquery in QlikView as standard so you have a very robust plugin framework to leverage in both object and document extensions. Pretty much only your imagination that will stop you And the lack of documenation...


          Both Document and Object extensions are client side operations so please take that into consideration when developing.