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    Get  attributes from files

    Christophe Brault



      In my scirpt, I load xls files, with FileName, FileSize, FileTime...


      I want to get the name of the person who created the .xls. Can i do this whith attribute() ?



       subfield('$(File)','\',-1)                                                                       as FileName,
                  FileSize( '$(File)' )                                                                                 as FileSize, 
                  Round(FileSize( '$(File)' )/1048576)                                        as FileSizeMB, 
                 Round(FileSize( '$(File)' )/1073741824)                                        as FileSizeGB, 
                  FileTime( '$(File)' )                                                                                 as FileTime,
                mid(subfield('$(File)','\',-1),2,4) as FileYear,
                Attribute('$(File)','Auteur') as Auteur 


      I tried it in the last line with 'Auteur' (I'm french) but it doesn't work...


      Any idea ?

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          Dave Riley




          I couldn't get Attribute() to work either, althought the help file says it should.  You can get this info by using a function in your module script and calling it in script - there's basically three methods here (FSO,Shell & WMI) but some attributes can be obtained by more than one.



          Function strFileProps (File)

          'Details via FSO
          Set objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

          If objFSO.FileExists(File) Then
          Set objFile = objFSO.GetFile(File)

          strFileProps = strFileProps & "File name: " & objFile.Name & VbCrLf
          tmp2 = objFile.Name 'for shell32 code
          strFileProps = strFileProps & "File path: " & objFile.Path & VbCrLf
          strFileProps = strFileProps & "Folder placed on drive: " & objFile.Drive & VbCrLf
          strFileProps = strFileProps & "Date created: " & objFile.DateCreated & VbCrLf
          strFileProps = strFileProps & "Date last accessed: " & objFile.DateLastAccessed & VbCrLf
          strFileProps = strFileProps & "Date last modified: " & objFile.DateLastModified & VbCrLf
          strFileProps = strFileProps & "Parent folder: " & objFile.ParentFolder & VbCrLf
          tmp = objFile.ParentFolder 'for shell32 code
          strFileProps = strFileProps & "File size: " & objFile.Size & " bytes" & VbCrLf
          strFileProps = strFileProps & "File size: " & objFile.Attributes & " bytes" & VbCrLf
          if objFile.attributes and 1 then
            strFileProps = strFileProps & "Read-Only: YES" & VbCrLf
            strFileProps = strFileProps & "Read-Only: NO" & VbCrLf
          End If

          'get additional file details via shell32.dll
          set shell = CreateObject("Shell.Application")
          set objFolder = shell.NameSpace(tmp)
          set objFolderItems = objFolder.Items()

          For Each objItem in objFolderItems

          If objItem = tmp2 then
            strFileProps = strFileProps & "File Size: " & objFolder.GetDetailsOf(objItem,1) & VbCrLf
            strFileProps = strFileProps & "Type: " & objFolder.GetDetailsOf(objItem,2) & VbCrLf
            strFileProps = strFileProps & "Last Modified: " & objFolder.GetDetailsOf(objItem,3) & VbCrLf
            strFileProps = strFileProps & "Date Created: " & objFolder.GetDetailsOf(objItem,4) & VbCrLf
            strFileProps = strFileProps & "Last Accessed: " & objFolder.GetDetailsOf(objItem,5) & VbCrLf
            strFileProps = strFileProps & "Attributes: " & objFolder.GetDetailsOf(objItem,6) & VbCrLf
            strFileProps = strFileProps & "Status: " & objFolder.GetDetailsOf(objItem,7) & VbCrLf
            strFileProps = strFileProps & "Owner: " & objFolder.GetDetailsOf(objItem,8) & VbCrLf
            strFileProps = strFileProps & "Author: " & objFolder.GetDetailsOf(objItem,9) & VbCrLf '9 = author
          End If



          'get owner- alternative method
          Set objWMIService = getObject("winmgmts:")
          Set objFileSecuritySettings = objWMIService.Get("Win32_LogicalFileSecuritySetting='" & File & "'")
          intRetVal = objFileSecuritySettings.GetSecurityDescriptor(objFile)

          If intRetVal = 0 Then
              strFileProps = strFileProps & "Owner: " & objFile.Owner.Domain & "\" & objFile.Owner.Name
              strFileProps = strFileProps & "Couldn't retrieve security descriptor."
          End If

          strFileProps = "Selected file does not exist!"
          End If

          End Function



          .. then in your load script ...


          x = strFileProps(yourfile);



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            Henric Cronström

            The following works fine on my computer...




            For each vFileName in FileList('<Path1>\*.jpg')
            as FileName,
            Lower(SubField('$(vFileName)','.',-1)) as FileExtension,
            Attribute('$(vFileName)','Model') as Model,
            Attribute('$(vFileName)','Make') as Make,
            Attribute('$(vFileName)','ColorSpace') as ColorSpace,
            Attribute('$(vFileName)','ExposureTime') as ExposureTime
            Autogenerate 1;
            Next vFileName

            For each vFileName in FileList('<Path2>\*.mp3')
            as FileName,
            Lower(SubField('$(vFileName)','.',-1)) as FileExtension,
            Attribute('$(vFileName)','Album') as Album,
            Attribute('$(vFileName)','Artist') as Artist,
            Attribute('$(vFileName)','Title') as Title,
            Attribute('$(vFileName)','Track') as Track,
            Attribute('$(vFileName)','Year') as Year
            Autogenerate 1;
            Next vFileName 

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                Michael Tarallo

                Hi HIC - does that work for any other file type? - I believe Attribute() only works for images and other media as per the help doc.


                I attempted this on a .txt file and it did not work for me.


                Do we know what tokens to use for other file type attributes?





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                    Jerry Svensson

                    From Helpfile.


                    Returns the value of the meta tags of different file formats, e.g. MP3, WMA, WMV and JPG files, as text.

                    Filename is the name of a media file including path, if needed.

                    Attributename is the name of a meta tag.

                    If the file filename does not exist, is not a supported file format or does not contain a meta tag named attributename, null will be returned.

                    A large number of meta tags can be used, e.g. ‘Artist’ or ‘Date Picture Taken’. The supported tags can automatically be generated in the script. The keyboard shortcut for this generation is Ctrl + Q,J,P,G for jpg files (keep the Ctrl key pressed while typing the QJPG combination), Ctrl + Q,M,P,3 for mp3 files and Ctrl + Q,W,M,A for wma files.