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    Using QV to input data into excel spreadsheets



      Perhaps I can ask my question best by explaining what I'm attempting to do.

      Lets say I set a filter in my QV application that gives me a data set of 10 records. I would like to export those 5 records to an excel spreadsheet. In addition to those records, I would like to have the ability to manually add a value that would be exported to the excel spreadsheet and appear in it's own column for each record. It would appear something like the following, with the value of $1.00 added at the time the five records are exported to the spreadsheet:

      Product ID Price
      ABCD $1.00
      EFGH $1.00
      IJKL $1.00
      MNOP $1.00
      QRST $1.00

      Thanks for any insight and assistance


        • Using QV to input data into excel spreadsheets
          Shumail Hussain

          Hi Ryland,

          In qlikview you can input data using input box by using variable,

          you can create new table using inline data wizard using EDIT SCRIPT.


          LOAD * INLINE [
          ProductID, Price
          ABCD, 1
          EFGH, 1
          IJKL, 1
          MNOP, 1
          QRST, 1

          as far as adding values while exporting data to excel is concern so i think we dont have any event for excel export, we need to work on API for this.