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    Auto generate a chart based on inputbox

    Dan-Ketil Jakobsen



      I have a report using inputboxes where users can type adhoc sql query.

      I have can build the query and I use EDX to run it, but the result chart need be built based on any number of fields.

      Typically the query would look like this:


      select a.itemno,a.itemname,a.itemgroup,b.itemgroupname,a.itemtype,c.itemtypename

      from item a

      left outer join itemgrouptable b on

      a.itemno =b.itemno and

      a.itemgroup =b.itemgroup

      left outer join itemtypetable c on

      a.itemno = c.itemno and

      a.itemtype = c.itemtype


      How can I get the report to create that chart automatically?

      Keep in mind, the select list may vary. Also the source tables may vary.

      Sometime 2,4, 20 fields...


      Any ideas?