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    Gantt Chart using Extension Objetcs

    Srikanth P

      Hi Folks,


           We have the installed  Extension objects and we got some extension objects in the extension folder. We are trying to use Gantt Chart extension object. But this Gantt chart not meet the requirements. I need to prepare the Gantt chart with following requirements:


      - bar is based on Dueearly, Duestart, Dueend, and Duelate date

      - The colors are based on the due or overdue (if due then blue, over due then red, on schedule then green)

      - The Y axis should have tool name, PM Number, Title

      - X-axis should have dates

      - The GANTT bar itself should show remaining hours, or meter


      Please give some suggestions how to achive this. I am new to extension objects.


      Thanks in Advance ........