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    Need advice with the creation of specific chart.

    Anatoly Pyatygo

      Hi, all.

      Could you give me an advice for resolving my problem...

      I want to create an One Line chart with 2 expressions:

      1) Trend of % by specific Company (I do It).

      2) Trend of rank same Company.

      (for more details see an attachments)

      Finally, I want a chart like Figure:error loading image:


      a blue line is a trend of percentage Company A by Quarter


      a red line is a trend of Rank Company A by quarter.

      Each of the lines attached to the axis Y. Blue to the left axis and red to the right.

      Who has any idea how to implement it?

      May be in one chart it's impossible?

      I will be a glad to listen to any ideas.[:D] Thank for all.